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Tape Restoration and Remastering

Over the course of time, even the best preserved magnetic tape will develop problems with the oxide layer of the tape. This causes the tape to become "sticky" and can cause the tape to jam, as well as loss of the audio material. This oxide shedding can damage the tape machine, and can cause irreparable loss of the tape itself. Older tapes, with acetate backing, can be prone to breakage. Tape restoration is a process that gradually and gently dries the tape out so that it can be safely played. It requires significant expertise to avoid further damaging the tapes, as well as the equipment to transfer them to more durable formats. 

This process only offers a temporary solution, as the tape will rapidly begin to degrade again. Once the tapes are restored, they are transferred immediately to digital media for permanent preservation. We can process and transfer all 2-inch, 1-inch, 1/2" and 1/4" single and multi-track audio tape formats, as well as cassette and DAT tapes. Remastering is also available, and we can provide the transferred tracks individually, as well as in popular DAW session formats (Pro Tools, Logic, Cakewalk). 

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SRK Audio Restoration & Recording Services is here to help you realize your artistic vision. Whether you are working on a current project, or have an old set of masters in almost any format, we can help.

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If you have analog master tapes of any vintage, we have significant expertise in restoring fragile recordings such that they can be transferred to new media, simply for preservation or for additional recording or mastering. We can also transfer DAT or ADAT tapes. Fully insured; references available on request. Door-to-door courier service is also available for extremely valuable recordings.


If you've got recording sessions in virtually any format, tape or digital, we can re-mix your tracks and give you the quality mix your material deserves. We can work with analog tape, transferring the tracks to digital first, or we can handle DAW sessions in a variety of formats and output CD's, CD quality wav or aiff files, or MP3's. You'll wonder why you put up with your old mixes for so long.


We have the experience to make your project sound the best it can be. Even if you only have stereo mixes, you'll be amazed at how much improvement can be made with proper mastering techniques. We can also help with publishing and copyright questions, as well as advise on the best distribution channels, whether online or physical media.

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